The People's House Project

When we’re done, the American House of Representatives will once again stand as the People’s House.

A Revolutionary Model

We believe the Democratic Party’s obsession with fundraising, generic poll-tested messaging, and elite candidates has nearly destroyed the party.

Candidates are chosen for endorsement based solely on their rolodex or ability to self-fund. The strength of a campaign is judged only by dollars-in and cash available to make big media buys. Nowhere in the equation are the needs and concerns of voters actually considered other than in messaging strategy sessions with DC consultants.

So we asked ourselves a simple question: What if instead of standing with the money, we stood with the people? After all, the big money approach has lost us nearly 1,000 state legislative seats, nine governor’s mansions, the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Maybe it’s time for a new model.

That new model, is People’s House Project.

People’s House Project is set up as a Political Action Committee (PAC), but we don’t operate in the conventional way. Most PACs function essentially as a pass-through entity for funds to be given to candidates and spent on the sort of political ads that research shows are less and less effective. The candidate gets a check and their name on a website (or sometimes just their name on a website) and that’s about it. Instead, we provide a much more highly leveraged approach that our candidates have described as invaluable. 

We have built a team of top political talent dedicated to supporting our candidates in every way we possibly can. That means strategic advice, media contacts, debate prep, op-ed drafting, crisis management, donor connections, assisting with endorsements, hosting fundraisers, fending off vulture consultants, and generally doing whatever we can to help our candidates get the lift and credibility they need to compete with the elites.

We’re in our early days, but we’re already seeing results. Our candidates are beating better-funded candidates and putting districts in play that no one ever would have imagined possible. For example, Richard Ojeda (WV-3) was outraised 4 to 1 by his top primary opponent and yet the opponent had to drop out of the race because he was losing so badly to Richard’s grassroots approach!  

Our candidates are teachers, veterans, a roofer, a former bus driver, and more. We believe they have the life experience to fight for an economy that works for all, and are exactly the right people to rebuild the Democratic party. Our candidates don’t just pay lip service to the working class, they ARE the working class. In the battle of the people versus the big money, we stand with the people.

There are two ways to support our work.

Our candidates don’t have rich friends or deep pockets, so they need your help! You can contribute directly to our incredible working-class candidates.

You can also help us grow our staff and continue to assemble the best team in the nation for winning blue collar districts. Because we are extremely hands-on, the number of candidates we help is limited by the size of the team we have to support them. Contribute to help us build our team.

The People's House Project