The People's House Project

When we’re done, the American House of Representatives will once again stand as the People’s House.

Putting Working People in the House

The 2018 election proved many things. Among the most important is this: in working-class districts, working-class candidates significantly out-perform off-the-rack politicians.

People’s House Project is dedicated to recruiting and supporting working-class candidates who are at home in the places Progressives need to reclaim. We believe only candidates deeply tied to those places, who’ve lived the difficulties of the modern economy, can attract the vote of people who’ve largely given up on the political system. Those people are most likely to be activated by highly qualified, energetic campaigns waged by people like themselves, people who will not be corrupted by Washington’s big-money culture.

We find, recruit, and support working-class candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. We help them organize professional campaigns, make valuable connections, raise money, and focus on district-specific issues without getting distracted by the arguments that dominate the coasts. Our candidates stand for the classic Progressive values of economic empowerment and the role of government as a counterweight to the power of money.

We have built a team dedicated to supporting our candidates in every way we possibly can. That means strategic advice, media contacts, debate prep, op-ed drafting, crisis management, donor connections, assisting with endorsements, hosting fundraisers, fending off vulture consultants, and generally doing whatever we can to help our candidates get the lift and credibility they need to compete with the elites.

Our candidates are teachers, veterans, blue collar workers, pink collar workers, healthcare workers, and others from vocations not well represented in Congress. (We have never endorsed a lawyer, for example.) We believe they have the life experience to fight for an economy that works for all and are exactly the right people to reassert the interests of the out-of-power majority. They don’t pay lip service to the working class; they ARE the working class.

In the battle between the people and big money, we stand with the people.

Our candidates don’t have rich friends or deep pockets, so they need your help. By supporting People’s House early in the election cycle, you can help us place extraordinary working-class candidates on primary ballots, a necessary first step on the road to true representation in Congress.

The People's House Project