A New Way to Change the World

A Message from Krystal Ball, President of The People’s House Project:

Since the election of Donald Trump – a phrase that still gives me chills – I have worked to develop and promote a positive and forward-looking vision for the Democratic Party. I’ve done this not out of partisan zeal, but because I believe a better, more connected Democratic Party serves American interests and the American people.

I wrote a book, Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World, about the issues we’re facing as a country and a party. The book did pretty well, and out of it developed The People’s House Project, a political action committee that identifies and supports working- and middle-class candidates for the House of Representatives. It focuses on Democratic candidates in Republican-held districts in the Midwest and Appalachian states.

People’s House started on my dining room table in Louisville, Kentucky, in early 2017. It has since grown in reach and influence. We have, as of February 1, two paid staffers and six endorsed candidates, with backgrounds far from elite and approaches overwhelmingly positive. (More endorsements to follow.) They are reflective of their districts in ways that can be discomforting to the party establishment, but that open previously lost districts to the possibility of Democratic victory.

I’ve recently signed-on to co-host a webcast for The Hill. It adds to my already significant People’s House workload but affords me a powerful platform to make the case I’ve been making since the 2016 election: that Progressivism aptly applied is the way to improve the security and quality of life for all Americans, and that the Democratic Party is the logical vehicle for that improvement.

People have asked if the new show means I’m pulling back on my People’s House commitment. I’m putting this up on our website as the definitive answer: not a chance. My goal is a Democratic Party returned to its roots, in service to our nation. The show is one way of being heard; The People’s House is another. My commitment to both is unwavering.

The People's House Project