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In the Quiet of the Winter, We're Working

It's two months since the election, the holidays are done, and the national media are consumed by the latest Trump scandal. All the talk is about who's going to run for President. We're thinking about other things entirely.

They Did It With “Liberal”, Let’s Not Let Them Do It to Democrat(ic)

There is no insult that comes rolling off Republican tongues with as much venom as their misuse of the noun “Democrat” as an adjective. It’s a semantic argument, but Republicans have won a lot of votes making semantic arguments: death tax, partial birth abortion, and death panels. Semantics, clearly, count. 

Patriotism and Trump's Tariffs

There is much hay to be made for Democratic candidates in rural areas. President Trump's tariffs are costing a key Republican constituency -- farmers -- literally billions of dollars. In those heavily Republican areas, it's a solid campaign pitch, and there's evidence it's working. Best to keep in mind, however, that it carries a risk.

Trump Voters Welcome

Working in the districts we work, we hear two things all the time. First, we hear Trump voters express disappointment. They’re disappointed about a lot of things, but mostly they’re disappointed that the President has abandoned his populist campaign rhetoric and turned into just another trickle-down Republican. The other thing we hear is Democrats sneering at Trump voters.  

“Redefining What It Means to be a Democrat in a Deeply Red State”

There is no better example of what the Democratic Party needs to do to win back deep red districts in the heartland than Richard Ojeda. He’s running in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional district, which Donald Trump won by 50 points — a district that six months ago where no one imagined a Democrat could contend.

A Woman Who Gets Things Done

There is a saying: If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it. The point of the saying is that some people know how to get things done, and they are busy as a result.

A New Way to Change the World

A Message from Krystal Ball, President of The People’s House Project: Since the election of Donald Trump – a phrase that still gives me chills – I have worked to develop and promote a positive and forward-looking vision for the Democratic Party. I’ve done this not out of partisan zeal, but because I believe a better, more connected Democratic Party serves American interests and the American people.

To Change the Outcome, Change the Candidates

Jeff Erdmann, who we’ve endorsed in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, is a natural candidate for the party’s current mood: fresh, with deep roots in his state and a commitment to the kind of Progressive policies that largely originated on the northern plains. He’s a teacher and a coach growing his campaign with living room meetings and long afternoons in the cold, introducing himself to voters and hearing their concerns. There is virtually no chance that, if elected, he’d become a captive of any interests but those of his constituents.

The Trump Voter's Disappointment is Real

Richard Ojeda, our endorsed candidate running in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, supported Donald Trump in 2016. Like millions of other Trump voters, he has grown disillusioned with the President. Below is an OpEd he wrote explaining his journey from voter desperate for anyone who would promise to help West Virginia to candidate opposing Trump and his policies.

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