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Martin Luther King and the Dignity of Work

Martin Luther King was in Memphis supporting a strike of African-American sanitation workers when he was murdered. Three weeks before the assassination, he spoke to a crowd at the Bishop Charles Mason Temple on the subject of economic justice.

The Power of Showing Up

We’re getting kind of repetitive here. We said it after Virginia and we’ll say again this morning, after Alabama: The way for Democrats to reclaim power to to nominate candidates in tune with their districts, who run on issues of concern to their constituents.

The Nature of the Beast

Pennsylvania Democrats have chosen a candidate to Represent that state’s 18th Congressional District: former federal prosecutor Connor Lamb. The selection of Lamb is significant to People’s House Project because it marks our first defeat. We had endorsed Mike Crossey, one of Lamb’s rivals.  

A Lesson from Virginia

The headline coming out of Virginia’s House of Delegates is that a transgender Democrat beat a proudly homophobic Republican. It’s a great headline, and it’s significant, but we think there’s more to Danica Roem’s victory than her defeat of hatred.

First Candidate Endorsements

People’s House Project has announced its first four endorsements. The candidates, from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Tennessee fit our criteria for endorsement. Each of them:

Meet the Candidates and Their Supporters in Congress

PHP will host a fascinating discussion about the future of the Democratic Party in the Heartland. Congressional representatives Tim Ryan (OH-14), John Yarmuth (KY-03), and Ro Khanna (CA-17) will participate in the panel, moderated by PHP president and former MSNBC host Krystal Ball. It’s also a rare chance to meet two PHP candidates in one night: Randy Bryce of Wisconsin and Richard Ojeda of West Virginia.

Robots and Employment

The effect of robotics on employment is one of the central questions we’re going to have to address in the next decade. As those decisions are made, it’s crucial that the people most affected by robotics help determine our policies.

It's the Economy, Stupid

John Judis at The New Republic makes a good point:

Who We Need More Of

The Congressional Research Service profiled the current Congress, documenting – among other things – the pre-politics occupations of the members. It’s a diverse bunch, if by ‘diverse” you mean made-up primarily of lawyers, business executives, and career politicians.

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