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Great Candidates, with One Glaring Ommission

Donald Trump’s election has Democratic candidates lining up like there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out. People who have never considered a run for office are passing petitions around and setting up websites.

Labor Day: Not Just Another Three-Day Weekend

The Union Movement that started in the last half of the 19th Century was not just about higher wages; it was about building a more civilized, humane society for all.

We're All in This Together

One key tenet of modern conservatism is that you’re on your own. Conservatives fought Social Security because retirement should not be a public responsibility. If you fall on hard times, there’s nothing anyone else can do.

On the Anniversary of Women's Suffrage

She Should Run, an organization that recruits women to run for political office, reports that “over 15,000 motivated, engaged, and qualified women who want to run for office” have signed up since the election of Donald Trump.

Social Security for All: Making a Long Explanation Short

The good folks at Vox take a long look at Universal Basic Income in various forms and conclude it works best when it is most focused on children.

Not If We Have Anything to Say About It, He Won't

Fox News notes that President Trump asked everyone to be patient because “eventually we’re going to get something done”.  

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