First Candidate Endorsements

People’s House Project has announced its first four endorsements. The candidates, from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Tennessee fit our criteria for endorsement. Each of them:

  • Has first-person experience with the economic crisis
  • Directly represents America’s diverse working class
  • Is more connected to their community than to elites
  • Will not make a good villain for the other side to campaign against
  • Holds Progressive economic priorities central to their campaign

The first candidates endorsed are Richard Ojeda of West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, Mike Crossey of Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, Mariah Phillips of Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District, and Randy Bryce, who is attempting to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

“Our candidates run campaigns that are acts of passion and commitment, not calculation,” says Krystal Ball, PHP’s founder, a former MSNBC host and Congressional candidate. “They haven’t just read a New York Times article about how hard it is for working people, they’ve lived it. They understand that the central challenge of our time is creating an economy that works for the multi-racial working class.”

The People's House Project