It's the Economy, Stupid

John Judis at The New Republic makes a good point:

If Democrats try to win future elections by relying on narrow racial-ethnic targeting, they will not only enable the Republicans to play wedge politics, they will also miss the opportunity to make a broader economic argument. Not long ago, I spoke with Mustafa Tameez, a Houston political consultant who made his name helping to elect the first Vietnamese-American to the Texas House. The momentum in American politics, he believes, is with Democrats who stress “an economic message rather than ethnic-identity politics. We can’t buy into the conservative frame that the Democrats are a party of the minorities.”

We must not allow the game of division that has been played in the past to work again. The black, white, and brown working classes have much more in common than is generally acknowledged. The idea that politics is a zero-sum game for the races is just flat wrong.

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