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Mariah Phillips
Tennessee 4th Congressional District

Mariah Phillips is a schoolteacher and mother of five running to represent the 4th Congressional District in Tennessee. People’s House Project proudly endorses her as a candidate meeting our principles for election to Congress. She:

• Has first-person experience with the economic crisis
• Directly represents America’s diverse working class
• Is more connected to her community than to elites
• Will not make a good villain for the other side to campaign against
• Holds Progressive economic priorities central to her campaign

We believe electing Mariah Phillips to Congress will improve governance for all Americans.

I’ve been a problem solver my whole life. When I was a manager for Starbucks, I would be sent to a struggling store to solve the problems that were causing the store to struggle. I would fix that store, and then I would move on and do the same thing at another store.

I moved to Tennessee from New Jersey in 2006 to open a Starbucks. Of the 24 people I hired, 20 had never had health or dental insurance in a job before. It impacted them physically, and it impacted their ability to have a job because you have to be healthy to go to work.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when we moved to Tennessee. My family could have a better quality of life here. I was able to go back to college and finish my degree. I worked for Starbucks and went to school, and when I was done I became a high school teacher making a lot less money. But it was what I wanted to do, and living in Tennessee made it possible.

I know what it means to work hard, to have two jobs, to wonder what bills you’re going to pay this month. I know how uncomfortable that is and how it hurts your pride. I connect with a lot of people in the district on that level. People believe the narrative that they’ve been left behind. They do not feel like their voices have been heard, that their stories count. As Democrats we need to hear what they’re saying and show we understand their values and how what we want to do is going to help.

Like I said: I’ve been a problem solver my whole life. In our country there is no bigger problem than what is happening in Washington. I want to go and fix it.


Teacher. Mother of 5. Advocate. Servant Leader. Candidate for Congress in TN04. Working hard for hard working people! #HaveYouMetMariah Donate to Campaign
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