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Collection of articles about The People's House Party and its candidates.

People's House Project is a New Kind of PAC

Krystal Ball joins The Great Battlefield to discuss her work as President of The People's House Project - an organization that recruits and supports candidates who are deeply connected to their community and directly represent America's working class. She also chats about her 2010 congressional run, and shares how she handles controversy.

Richard Ojeda is a New Kind of Democrat

He Voted for Trump. Now He’s Running for Congress as a Pro-Pot, Pro-Coal Democrat.

With Control of the House at Stake, National Democrats Tangle with Locals

New groups are raising money to support candidates overlooked by mainstream Democrats, like the Sanders-founded Our Revolution, or the the People's House Project, which helps working-class Democrats run for office.

The Resistance in Infiltrating Trump Country

Strikes from West Virginia to Arizona are changing the characterization of traditionally "red" states

Do Democrats Have a Nancy Pelosi Problem?

She’s been a leader in the House for over a decade and some people think it’s time for her to step aside for a new generation to take charge.

‘He’s JFK With Tattoos and a Bench Press’

Richard Ojeda, endorsed by People's House Project, is reviving Democratic possibilities in West Virginia.

Could This "Military Guy" from West Virginia Find a Way for Democrats to Win Back Blue-Collar Voters?

Richard Ojeda is part of a wave of Democrats who have the ability to connect with working-class white voters in districts where Trump won by double digits

Iowa Progressive Emerges as a Serious Challenger to Steve King

Former professional baseball player J.D. Scholten is a progressive showing remarkable strength in a deep red district.

The Dead Enders

The candidates who signed-up to battle Donald Trump must get past the Democratic Party first. 

There's Too Much Money in Politics -- Just Look at Illinois

Candidates are asking whether the state is running "an auction or an election."

Liberals Target the Rust Belt

"Democrats Should Be Able to Win In These Places"

Tired of losing the Rust Belt, new Democratic group has strategy to un-Pelosi the party

The People's House Party thinks Democrats can go back to winning in the Heartland.

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