On the Anniversary of Women's Suffrage

She Should Run, an organization that recruits women to run for political office, reports that “over 15,000 motivated, engaged, and qualified women who want to run for office” have signed up since the election of Donald Trump.

Arrested SuffragetteThis is very promising because, as decades of research has shown, our government benefits from the kind of unique perspectives and experiences that only a woman can bring to the table. Having women as political leaders results in better government, more bipartisan ventures and more civility — something we could really use right now.

She Should Run’s goal is to have half of all candidates for office be women by 2030.


Stephanie Schriock, President – Emily’s List:

For most of our 30 years, our biggest challenge was getting women to say, ‘Yes, I want to run.’ Now they’re asking, ‘How do I do it?’

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