Randy Bryce's Profile

Randy Bryce
Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District

Randy Bryce is a steel worker from southeast Wisconsin. He has been politically involved through his union for years, and like many people in the Wisconsin 1st has grown frustrated as their representative, Paul Ryan, paid less attention to his constituents and more to his national profile. People’s House Project proudly endorses Mr. Bryce as a candidate meeting our principles for election to Congress. He:

• Has first-person experience with the economic crisis
• Directly represents America’s diverse working class
• Is more connected to his community than to elites
• Will not make a good villain for the other side to campaign against
• Holds Progressive economic priorities central to his campaign

We believe Randy Bryce will be an energetic and passionate advocate for the people of the Wisconsin 1st Congressional District, and will bring to the House of Representatives a voice and perspective that will benefit working people everywhere.

Southeast Wisconsin is definitely a working-class district. It has some big towns and rural-type areas in between. It used to be a manufacturing center. There’s still signs of the one-time greatness it used to have. There’s a huge auto plant in Janesville that closed in 2008, and they’re bulldozing an auto plant in Kenosha. The people who retired from those plants, their kids need a place to work.

Paul Ryan was elected to Congress almost 20 years ago. He’s proven time and time again he doesn’t care about people in the district. His policies are good for billionaires. He’ll charge $10,000 to have a picture taken with him. He’s concerned with multibillion corporations, not the people who work in them. It’s more than two years since he had a town hall. You don’t care about people if you don’t even want to be around them.

I was a military police officer. I was in for three years, ’83 to ’86, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and deployed to Honduras. It was something everyone in my family had done. It was just something that we did. When I got out I got in the union, and ever since Scott Walker was elected governor and started destroying the state, I’ve been much more interested in politics. I was political coordinator for the ironworkers and got involved locally and found out how politics affects our everyday lives.

Nobody has run seriously against Ryan in years. Nobody has held him accountable. I don’t know why. It’s the most winnable district the state, based on the numbers. In the union, I’ve tried for a decade to help anyone who was willing to give him a challenge. People started asking me to run, then organizations started to ask me to run. It got to a point where I asked who could I count on to fight as hard as we need to fight? And I couldn’t think of anybody better than myself.

It’s totally changed my life. It’s my job now, pretty much. I don’t have control over what I do on a day-to-day basis. I haven’t been able to work. I still pay dues to my union and try to make it to the monthly meetings. I look forward to getting more hours because our retirement is based on hours worked.

But right now, the most important thing I can do is work to get this district a representative who cares about the people that live here. The same people who voted for Trump are going to vote for someone like me. Paul Ryan has lost his shine. When I talk to voters, they’re sick of what goes on in Washington – and Ryan is Washington.

I like meeting people. There’s 750,000 people in this district who pay you to represent them, and at the minimum you need to understand what they need. No one has done that, and they’re frustrated. I constantly hear people saying I’ve given them hope. They have hope for being able to stop what’s going on. People tell me I inspire them, but they inspire me. We feed off each other, and we’re making good things happen.


Democrat for WI-01. Father, Army veteran, Ironworker, Cancer survivor, Wisconsin4ever. Most tweets mine. Donate to Campaign
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