“Redefining What It Means to be a Democrat in a Deeply Red State”

There is no better example of what the Democratic Party needs to do to win back deep red districts in the heartland than Richard Ojeda. He’s running in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional district, which Donald Trump won by 50 points — a district that six months ago where no one imagined a Democrat could contend.

Richard is a different kind of Democrat propelled to national prominence during the recent West Virginia teacher’s strike. Michael Kruse described him in Politico:

Thursday, I saw signs that read: “OVER WORKED UNDER PAID” and “TEACHERS ARE WORTH MORE.” One just said, “Help Us Ojeda. You’re our Only Hope!” I heard people ask him to run for governor, so they could vote for him, too, even if they lived in the northern two-thirds of the state. I heard him described as a “rock star” and a “folk hero.” I even watched one teacher propose to him. Literally get down on one knee and ask him to marry her. It was the only time I saw him (a little) flustered and (very briefly) speechless. “I’m married!” he finally blurted out. And everywhere I went with him, it was never too long before that chant started up again.



Ojeda is a political phenom, worthy of the support of all Democrats hoping for a #BlueWave. (Really, if Dems can win in WV-03, they can win anywhere.) To that end, we’re hosting a fundraiser for Ojeda in out Louisville, Kentucky, home town May 25.  The suggested donation is only $25, but the most important thing is that as many people as possible meet the candidate that is going to have beltway pundits goggle-eyed on election night.

The fundraiser will be 6 PM May 25 at Teamsters Local 783, 7711 Beulah Church Rd, in Louisville, Kentucky.  You can reserve a spot on our Facebook page, or just show up.

If you can’t make it but still want to make a donation, here’s the place to do that.

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