What We Stand For

Engaging progressive voters in places progressives abandoned years ago.

One of the most important trends of the 2018 election cycle was the emergence of working-class candidates as a national force. Whether it was Randy “Ironstache” Bryce forcing Paul Ryan’s retirement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousting a comfortable and complacent incumbent, Richard Ojeda swinging West Virginia's 3rd District 37 points away from Trump, or National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes making history in New England, working class candidates running on unapologetically progressive platforms demonstrated you don't have to be well-connected and wealthy to mount a successful campaign. 

People’s House Project was at the vanguard of this movement. Beginning more than a year before Election Day, PHP set out to find and support working-class candidates who could bring economic diversity back to American governance. We supported them in Midwestern and Southern House districts the conventional wisdom assumed off-limits for progressives. And our candidates proved committed, locally-focused progressives could deliver astounding results even in the toughest, most pro-Trump regions.

Our issues are primarily economic, our priorities the people who are one broken-down car from economic catastrophe, who don’t have a private school option, who are watching their hometowns wither, their healthcare grow more expensive and complicated, and who feel invisible in our current big-money politics. 

The candidates we support are deeply connected to and representative of their districts, have first-person experience with the problems faced by mid-income and working-class families, and are from walks of life not well represented in Congress. They are waging passionate, energetic campaigns to convince people to return to the progressivism that made America great in the first place. 

We’re working to win back the trust of voters who feel abandoned by both parties' attachment to Wall Street, the donor class, and issues that mean little in people's day-to-day lives. That’s why the People’s House Project incubates and accelerates candidates offering an alternative vision based on working class solidarity and respect for the dignity of every American.

When we’re done, the American House of Representatives will once again stand as the People’s House.

The People's House Project