In the Quiet of the Winter, We're Working

It's two months since the election, the holidays are done, and the national media are consumed by the latest Trump scandal. All the talk is about who's going to run for President. We're thinking about other things entirely.

American_Flags_narrow_400.jpgThe People's House Project works in a footprint that is approximately the industrial Midwest and Appalachian states. We drift a little south, when a candidate intrigues us, and a little east. Our target districts are places of contradiction: Republican, but with a Progressive history and economic conditions that recall the late 19th Century, when the Progressive rise foretold a century of American growth and dominance. 

At the House of Representatives level, there's not a lot of visible activity. But underneath the silence there is work to be done if 2020 is going to go the way it needs to go -- if the House is going to be solidified, if the Senate is to be taken, if statehouses and governors' mansions are to become once again places where government works for all the people, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

People's House is focused on identifying districts where our work will pay disproportionate dividends. We're forming coalitions with like-minded organizations to increase Progressive leverage in those districts. And soon enough we will begin meeting, encouraging, and recruiting the kind of candidates that can re-engage people who gave-up on the Democratic Party years ago. We're finding ways to reclaim the party's good name as an advocate for working people from coast to coast -- including especially the places between those coasts. 

We came out of the last election convinced anew that beneath our obvious divisions there is general agreement that the corruption of our system is deep, wide, and glaring -- and that the answer lies in the Progressive consensus that made this country great the first time around. 

So we are getting to know the ground on which we will make our argument -- on which we hope to make a difference. The next few months will be long road trips and countless phone calls. We're looking forward to a hundred diners and a thousand marvelous surprises. We hope to see you along the way.

The People's House Project